Talk Radio Twenty Four Seven with [ music interruptions ]

New Upcoming Show – “Frankly Music”

Frankly Music with your host Frank Roberts is coming to RCH103

With Sirius and XM, satellite music providers merging, you will have a very large choice of radio stations but, let us assure you, there will not be anything that will be as much fun, as interesting, or with such a fascinating variety of music as you will find on

If you like eastern swing – i.e. Miller, Goodman, the Dorseys, etc. – and western swing – i.e. Wills, Cooley, etc. – you will love the show. There will be the familiar band pieces as well as a lot of things you may never have heard before but you would love to hear again. There will be novelties, and the unusual. At least 90% of everything we play will be toe-tappers.

Tune in and enjoy as presents something wonderfully different – Frankly Music.

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