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The IndieMusicWave Homegrown Music Showcase 159 Vol # 538

indieMusic 103
Indie Music Wave Presents Homegrown Music Showcase with your host Carmen Allgood

Denver Colorado – Best Local Music Exporter (2008) – For nearly two decades, Carmen Allgood has been an ardent supporter of local music. The original host of Mountain Homegrown, she’s also sat on the board of the Colorado Music Association. And through her nationally syndicated weekly radio show, The Colorado Wave and the Indie Music Wave, is currently carried on over a hundred stations across the country, Allgood’s continuing to do her bit to expose the rest of the country to all Colorado has to offer and to Indie Music.

Show 159 Vol # 538

      Ash Ganley – Lonely World
      Penchant – Til The Moon Goes Away
      Something Underground – We Came To Get Down
      Champagne Breakfast – Best For You
      Sonic Orchid – I Just Wanna Know
      Curly ‘No Shoes’ Jr. – You Ain’t The One For Me
      Oil Spill – Angels On The Roof
      Billy & Liza – Sweet Tender Lovin’
      Mr. David Booker – Fat Man Blues
      Jill Stevenson – This Time Around
      John Quill – Anybody’s Choice
      Ten Tiers – Don’s Club Tavern

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