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The Colorado Wave with your host “Carmen Allgood”

The Colorado Wave spotlighting the best in independent music,
The Colorado Wave

This episode features: Blind Switch, Great American Taxi, Jimmy George, Tifah, The Atoll, Joe Vicino, The Elements, Katoorah Jayne, Spencer Durham, Twelve Cents For Marvin, Rebel Fuel Tank, Noel Miller. Waves!

The WAVE Is The First Non-Stop Homegrown Music Showcase, And Also The First And Only Syndicated Radio Show Of Its Kind.

About Carmen Allgood:

Just for the record, more than 15,000 independent artists have been featured on The Colorado Wave, with a lot more to come. Check it out! Submit your own music for airplay. Tell somebody already! This is YOUR music we’re playing here… MUSIC SUBMISSION INFO is on our BandBiz page, go there.
The Colorado Wave
I also produce the Indie Music Wave and co-host the Indie Traffic Jam with my good buddies, John Anderson (On The Horizon Radio Network) and Mark Maverick (Station Manager Indie 104, named Best Internet Station 2006 and 2007!!!). The Wave is syndicated nationally and carried by more than 100 affiliates. They said it couldn’t be done.

Meanwhile, since we are all one, this is really about us. Personally (for those who are interested) I love and support independent music, and have been producing homegrown music shows for radio broadcast for 21 odd years…right now I’ll say I was the first DJ to do this, until someone comes along to change that…

I teach and study Love and am a Loveologist…this energy is of prime interest to all of us, and I’m more than curious about how Love operates and functions.

Here is the Answer to what confronts us today. Hope everyone is having a great moment…BTW, my name isn’t really The Colorado Wave…you can call me Carmen. ALSO…you can hear this great music show ON DEMAND or subscribe to a podcast. Check our ON AIR page for details The Colorado Wave

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