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Frankly Speaking Show 110 Guest “Leslie Manning” and “Mike Bollinger”

November 28, 2007

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Today on Frankly Speaking it’s all about “Show Business” our old pal Leslie Manning comes in for some more fun conversation, concentrating on some forthcoming holiday shows at College of the Albemarle.

Suffolk CenterSpeaking of forthcoming shows, Mike Bollinger, marketing director of the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts, will tell us about the center and all the upcoming events including “Tom Murphy”, “Kathy Mattea”, “The Nativity Story”, and the “The Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree” and “Livingston Taylor”, whose show is coming up shortly.

The performer himself, James Taylor’s brother, will be a guest on the show Monday.

For tickets and information please call 757-923-2900 or visit their website at

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