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Frankly Speaking Guest – Author Gillian Hammond

Upcoming January 8th 2011 Frank Roberts interviews Gillian Hammond a local author writes handbook for the modern woman, Gillian Hammond (Habeger) is the pen behind Ana Hausen, Author of A Superwoman Handbook; an honest and raw personal journal of her life experiences, a journal which became a book by accident.

Hammond writes in the beginning of the book “I didn’t set out to be a writer. I wanted to be anything and everything else!” Hammond kept the journal for five-years, writing down any snippet that paused the chaos of her life; in the end they totaled over a thousand. Snippet = comment or experience.

In the spring of 2007, after sharing the handwritten journal with countless girlfriends as a source of reference, Hammond realized what she’d written, a guide for becoming your own Superwoman. Development of the book and I am Ana brand quickly began; with the handwritten journal as the first 8k words and the remaining 6k written while bringing the brand to market.

Hammond will read select excerpts from the work on Saturday, January 8, 2011 – 10am (with seating to begin at 9:30am) at Inteliport on Main Street in Hertford, NC. A sample of the work can be downloaded from the publishers’ web site Those interested in pre-purchasing copies of the book during the initial print through March 15th, 2011 may do so directly through the publisher.

Hammond discusses the development of the work through a video journal which can be viewed on YouTube ( or you may chat directly with Hammond through her Facebook account

Hammond grew-up near the Outer Banks of North Carolina; in an area low on development but full of friends and adventures. Her fondest memories involve Friday nights spent cheering at her high school football games; she’s now a varsity cheer coach and operates an event venue in Downtown Norfolk with a girlfriend. Hammond lives in Virginia Beach, VA with her Husband and 47 pairs of shoes.

Ana came to life on March 13th 2005. Hammond says “I wasn’t aware at the time – but, my life would forever be defined as ‘before’ and ‘after’ that date; as it was on that day that I joined Gold’s Gym (for the second time) with the goal to once and for all take control of my body. It wasn’t until almost a year later that I realized I’d also taken control of my life and was in the process of redefining my mind.”

A little whisper had become a distinct shout – “I am Ana! I am Ana and I own THIS life!”

Ana is a character, a persona of the modern woman, a collective body of all the positive attributes from women of the world. Ana is a modern Superwoman.


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