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The IndieMusicWave Homegrown Music Showcase 148 Vol # 527

indieMusic 103
Indie Music Wave Presents Homegrown Music Showcase with your host Carmen Allgood

Show 148 Vol # 527

      Jason Farnham ~ Engaged
      Trace Bundy ~ Stone’s Serenade
      Grandpa Griffith ~ Nine Ways To Love You
      Tommy Keys ~ High Blood Pressure
      Devotchka ~ One Last Vow
      Coles Whalen ~ Gee Baby
      Brother Love ~ There She Goes
      Beto Hale ~ En Tus Labios
      Jill Watkins w/ The Allstars ~ I’m Torn Down
      The Smackers ~ Sally
      Liz Barnez ~ Time Will Do The Talkin’
      Jason Vigil ~ Safety’s Gone

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