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The IndieMusicWave 195 Vol # 574 Homegrown Music Showcase

indieMusic 103

Indie Music Wave Presents Homegrown Music Showcase with your host Carmen Allgood through her nationally syndicated weekly radio show, The Colorado Wave and the Indie Music Wave, is currently carried on over a hundred stations across the country.

    1. Alex Call – No Place For Hate
      Melanie Susuras Band – Unfinished
      Love The New Crave – I Love You
      Victor Towle – Free To Be Me
      Chris English – Without You
      Julia Bryan – Love Is
      Michael Monroe – Life Is A Mystery
      Kanawormz – Beautiful Friend
      Julian Shome – Can You Show Us Heaven
      Rey Feo – World Is Your Slave
      Hans York – Safety Is Soulless
      Greg Johnson – Save Yourself

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