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Frankly Speaking Show 116 Guests “Melanie James” and “Wanda Stiles”

December 14, 2007

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Books for Christmas. That’s the subject of our book expert, Melanie James. She also talks about the value of publications autographed by the writers. Other subjects are the multitudinous books from Dr. Seuss.

Carolina Moon is the passion (well, aside from husband and child) of Melanie James, attorney at law and bibliomaniac. Carolina Moon In 2003, Melanie and her husband bought a building to house their businesses. It was a rather large building, offering far more space than needed for offices. The bibliomaniac seized the moment and the additional space (notwithstanding objections of husband), fulfilling a long-standing dream of owning a bookstore, and thus launching a second career.

Why Carolina Moon?

In 1928, Benny Davis was inspired by the moon over the Perquimans River to pen the words to “Carolina Moon.” It has been recorded by many artists over the years including Perry Como, Connie Frances, and Maureen McGovern. So there is local history associated with the name.

Museum of the Albemarle Also on today’s show Wanda Stiles joins Frank, Wanda is a collection specialist at the Museum of the Albemarle. She talks about her fascinating job, and discusses some of the events of import at the prestigious museum.

Located in Elizabeth City, NC, the Museum of the Albemarle is the northeastern regional branch of the North Carolina Museum of History. Serving thirteen counties in northeastern North Carolina, the Museum allows visitors to explore the history of the oldest section of North Carolina, many times considered the birthplace of English America.

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