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Frankly Speaking with Special Guest Darwin Porter

July 13, 2007

Now Playing Frank interviews our Hollywood reporter Darwin Porter, world known author and traveler. Frank and Darwin discuss his current works and other details of the entertainment world.


Darwin latest Book “Jacko: His Rise and Fall – The Social & Sexual History of Michael Jackson”    

Jacko by Darwin Porter Porter ‘takes the face off’ the Michael Jackson we think we know.Amazon Review: I’d have thought that there wasn’t one single gossipy rock yet to be overturned in the microscopically scrutinized life of Michael Jackson. But Darwin Porter’s exhaustive (but always zippy) hybrid of celebrity bio and solid reporting proves me quite wrong.It’s all here: The abuse Jackson suffered as a boy from the fists of his father; rough early years on the “chitlin’ circuit; his rocky relationship with Diana Ross and his quirky relationship with Liz Taylor; his sham marriages and his oddly conceived three children; unflagging rumors of his homosexuality; and his scandalous affection for generations of adolescent boys.Definitely a page-turner. But don’t turn the pages too quickly: Almost every one holds a fascinating revelation. –Richard Labonte

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