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June 2007

June 29

June 27

June 25

June 22

June 20

June 18

How important are those tourism dollars in our neck of the woods, how are we doing, and what about the future?
In our first hour of the show our guest is Russ Haddad, director of Tourism for Pasquotank County is informative, and revealing.
In our second hour we did a remote with our second guest Kathie Clay whose New York Mets quilt is now on display at the Chowan Arts Center in Edenton.
The quilt features the autographs of 74 men connected with that team a couple decades ago. There were 74 men and 75 autographs. Huh?.

June 15

June 13

June 11

Dawn Fenimore provides us with information and activities at the busy Chowan Arts Council. Melanie James also joins us and will tell us how she balances two careers as a attorney-at-law, bookstore owner.

June 8

Today’s guest is Lloyd Hodges, a huge John Wayne enthusiast. He will talk about John Wayne as a person and star.

June 6

Frankly Speaking, todays guests is Bill Darrow who, from 1973 to 1976 was a Marlboro Man. He also appeared in, “In Harm’s Way” with John Wayne and Kirk Douglas, and he wrote all the action scenes and appeared as a stunt double in “High Velocity,” starring Ben Gazarra and Paul Winfield.
He is also a recording artist, author, and all-around interesting guy.

June 4

Franks’ guest will be Mayor Sid Eley who will discuss plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of baseball great/native son, Jimmy ‘Catfish’ Hunter into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Also on the show, area historian and author, Tom Butchko, representing the Museum of the Albemarle.

June 1

Frank interviews Bill Haley, Bill is a former CEO of Public Broadcasting, expert on Jazz, and world traveler. Frank also will be talking to Bob Ewing, as he wanders around that gentleman’s house which houses an unusual train set.

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