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The IndieMusicWave Homegrown Music Showcase 170 Vol # 549

indieMusic 103Indie Music Wave Presents Homegrown Music Showcase with your host Carmen Allgood through her nationally syndicated weekly radio show, The Colorado Wave and the Indie Music Wave, is currently carried on over a hundred stations across the country.

      Abandonato – Usual Day
      Nina Storey – Change Her
      The Atoll – End Of Forever
      Jennifer Filzen – Face The Dark
      Mike Press – Saturated
      Jason Stocker – End And Beginning
      Gription – Six Cylinder Crush
      Rebecca Folsom – In Good Time
      Hans York – Invocation
      Itis – Problem
      Caleb Miller – Prayer
      Radius – Illuminate
      3rd Time Lucky – Those Words We Said

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  • Nina Storey said:


    Thank you so much for playing “Change Her”! I truly appreciate all your support! Your station rocks!!!

    Much Love,


  • Paul Preziosi said:

    Carmen I would like to thank you for playing the woodies music on your show which is awesome by the way. I’m so glad that there is someone out there that cares for the little bands and gives them achance to be heard. Again Thanks -A-Lot You rock The Woodies


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